september 10, 2017

Happy Sunday you all! Sundays are meant to relax and spend time with family and friends. My Sunday today looked like this! Click on the read more button to discover my Sunday.

I started my morning around 7 AM and checked all my social media and answered on all my messages and on my lovely best friend her messages. *Her messages are my fave* After I did that I washed my face, had some breakfast, brushes my teeth and got dressed. I studied and around noon we went for dinner in my favorite place, Shokudo. 

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Cheers for Sunday's! 

As entree I had Dim Sum. I shared this with my grandma. Dim Sum is one of the things I love to eat. It is a lovely entree to start with.

For main course I had rice with scampi's. We took a mini boot with sushi and our favorite roll of sushi, dragon eyes.

Enjoy your meal! 

As "dessert" I had a coffee with a lot of milk. My sister had an ice cream but she had enough so I finished her scoop of ice cream. It was delicious.

After I came home I finished my last pages of homework and took care of my face.

It's important to relax during the weekend and take time for yourself before the next week starts. You have to be relaxed before the next assignments come to you. Your body needs time to relax as the inner mind.

My Sunday was pretty quiet but I like it on Sunday's. I have a lot of time to work for my goals and have some time for myself and search the internet for inspiration. I also like to watch my YouTube videos in the evening an read in my E-reader.

How do you spend your Sunday? 

Love the people who are always there for you.

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