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december 13, 2017

The first snow has fallen recently so we can definitely tell that the wintertime has arrived! It's already half December so that means that Christmas isn't far away anymore! Click on the read more button to get even more in the Christmas mood.

Since it's December we can definitely say that it's the season again! The season of the hot chocolate drinks, the lighted streets and lot's of presents underneath the Christmas tree. Cuddle up under warm blankets with some lovely Christmas movies! Let's do this.

Cold days call for warm drinks! One of my favorite drinks during these cold days, every day exually, is a lovely hot chocolat! Oh, a cup of coffee is lovely as well!
It's the most wonderful time of the year again and that means that Santa will bring some lovely presents ;) You can put on his clothes and get ready to give your loved ones lovely things underneath the Christmas tree! It can be something silly or small. As long as you're happy with what you give and they are happy with the little gift. That is what matter. No not entirely. It's about whit who you spend your time on Christmas. It are the people that matter and warm your heart and make you smile in life.

The holidays must be, in my eyes, one of the most beautiful and fun times of the year with lots of happiness, joy and love. A time where we tell the people that we love, we love them. Be kind to everyone you pass. Give them a smile, wish them a happy holiday! 

We don't realize how fast the year goes until it's December again. This year has gone by fast and at the end of the year you stand still and think. Think about what you did on 12 months, what changed, how you changed and the new things that you did as well as the bad things. 

In 12 months happens a lot. You may have lost people you love, people that are bad for you or just people that you finally have let go. 

Your life. How did it change? Did you started something new? Do you like it how it is right now or would you like to make some changes? In the end it's all about change and how you like your life. If you don't like it, change it until you love it! It might come with lots of ups and downs but always look at the goal. A life you love.

People. We meet a lot of people daily in our lives. Some people stay some people go. Mostly if the people go, it's for a reason. It may be difficult in the beginning but in the end you will notice the difference when they are gone, especially if they didn't had a positive influence. The people that have gone into the deep with you and still are there and support you no matter what, are the ones that touched the soul with love that will be there forever.

December is a month where you can rewind the past 12 months, look at how you changed, how the people around you have changed, let is behind you and jump into 2018.

What is your favorite memory from 2017?

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