Summer fashion trends 2018

februari 25, 2018

Hi girls! The sun is shining and it gets me in the summer mood. The sunny days inspired me to check out the fashion trends and colors are for the summer! Curious? Click on the read more button to discover!

Basics rock
Black, white, grey and soft colors that always will be trendy during the summer time. It are timeless colors during the whole year. You can style it easily with any other color or pattern. I have some examples.

Style a white dress (picture 1) with white boots or sandals. You can chose for platform sandals, flat sandals or even heels! The heels will make the look more chique and soirée and the sandals will make it look more beach styled and daily looking.

White blouses can be styled with jeans shorts/skirts or colored shorts/skirts. Jeans shorts are mostly the easiest to style it with. Colored shorts are making the white even more brighter. You can style a white blouse with a yellow short, that will make it pop, a black or darker short will make the white pop more and gives it another view. 

Soft colors
Light brown can be styled as picture 2. Style it with a black short or skirt. You can even style it with a jeans short or skirt. It's how you like it the most. White bottom parts are also an option. It gives the outfit the best summer vibes. Shoes can be chosen based at the event or time during the day. If you're going to the city or you're going to explore, you can style it best with sneakers or sandals. During the evening you can give it that extra by putting on heels or even a platform shoe. 

Grey, crème & soft pink 
Grey, crème and soft pink can be styled as the soft colors. Jeans, white and black bottom parts work the best. 

Printed tees 
Printed tees are always fun to wear during spring and summer. Even during the wintertime it can be so nice to style it with a blouse. This summer is the summer of the written and colorful tees with a lot of drawings and texts. 

Tees can be easily styled with every bottom part. Skirts, shorts even a long jeans or a dressed pants. It depends on the style that you want to create that day. A white tee, as picture 1, can be styled with jeans or a colored pants. It will give the look a more playful style. If you chose to combine the tee with a black dressed pants and a blazer, you are giving the tee a dressed up and fancy look. There are many options on how you can style a fun printed tee! 

Pastel colors
Pastel colors, baby pink, light blue, yellow, purple and even orange will fill your summer with even more color. It's the summer of color. How more how better. 

Pastel colors are more difficult to style, in my opinion. It's wonderful with white, as in picture 1 & 2. It's the right summer combination, color and white. I think it might be fun as well to style it with jeans. Jeans shorts and skirts are for most clothing pieces a good bottom part. It's a neutral piece but I think it might be more fun to play around than white. Black could be an option as well but it depends on how you style it and with which color. 

Pastel dresses can be styled really easy with a sandal or a flip flop. 

Patterns are back again! Flowers, army, poke adots, ... It's back again. The patterns are always trendy but for the summer of 2018 they are trendier than ever.

Styling patterns is actually easier than you might think. Styling a yellow pastel dress as in picture one. Put your favorite sandals on and you're ready for the day! Darker colored patterns as picture 2 & 3 are screaming black booties or platforms. Even a heel or pump could fit!

You can put a jeans vest on by the yellow dress and a leather jacket by the dark patterned dresses. Jeans vest mostly go with both styles.

These are the summer trends that cached my eye so far! 
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What is your favorite summer fashion trend so far? 

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