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februari 21, 2018

Hi guys! Today I've brand new music from 2018 for you! The last 2 months I've been adding new songs to my 2018 playlist. It's time to share my top 10 songs with you! Discover the new tunes from 2018. Click on the read more button to discover.

I've been posting montly posts about my favorite songs. It has been a long time since I've done my last one. It's time to bring it back! I've been in love with a lot of songs. It's from one artist but I'm glad that I've discovered songs from him. Here we go.

The first song that I like a lot is from Sean Bradford. It's a song with the right vibes. Dancing and singing. I want to dance through my room, the living room and want to make an amazing dance party. It gives me a certain party vibe.
44th and 8th // Click here to listen!

The artist that caught my attention is G - Eazy. I know that a lot of people know him. He has great music. The song that I heard from him where I immediately fell in love with was Him & I. The combination with Halsey and him is wonderful. It's a combination of rap and pop, the two types I like the most. The first song from G-Eazy himself that I found and love is Sober.
(G-Eazy is the artist who's song I love atm, can you tell?)
Sober // Click here to listen!

Halsey was the next artist that caught my attention. I discovered her through the songs from G-Eazy. Sorry is a song from her. It's a slower song but I love how everything falls together. It's soft but the power from her voice makes the song complete.
Sorry // Click here to listen!

Since G-Eazy and Halsey have a lot of songs together, which I love, I couldn't resist to list them up. Here are my favorite songs of the both of them together! They have a certain vibe together which I love a lot. 
Him & I // Click here to listen! 
Favorite girl // Click here to listen!
Falling in love // Click here to listen!

From Silence to Friends. He succeeds every time to bring amazing songs in my eyes. Marshmello released a song about a one - way love. Anne-Marie makes sure he understands it.
Friends // Click here to listen!

He knows with who he needs to collaborate. The next song is together with Lil Peep.
Spotlight // Click here to listen!

Dua Lipa is my go to Girl Boss. Her song New Rules is always playing in the morning to put me in a good mood. A new song from her is together with The chainsmokers and it's as amazing as every other song! 
If you Wanna // Click here to listen!

Last but not least I present you the song Heaven. It's a song from Julia Michaels. The song is made for the Fifty Shades Freed movie. I, once in a while, love those kind of songs. It has a more sensual side. 
Heaven // Click here to listen!

What is your go to song right now?

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